Madrasah Islamiah

In the early days of Islam, a masjid was more than just a place for spiritual solace. It also served as an educational and community service center. Community affairs were deliberated upon in the sublime serenity of the masjid.

In USA, where Muslims are living in a society which is undergoing far-reaching changes, masjed stands as an important bulwark of Muslim identity and community integrity.

Madrasah Islamiah Masjid Noor or commonly known as Madrasah Islamiah is a premier well-known masjed (mosque) and Islamic school in Houston, Texas. Madrasah Islamiah has a long history which started before 1989 and has passed through many development stages to be what it is today. It was founded by Hafiz Muhammed Iqbal, one of Houston's pioneering Muslim Scholars. Madrasah Islamiah has not only played a vital and meaningful role with the focus of Quran education but also is a center of different Islamic educational programs and social activities.

Madrasah Islamiah is also famous because of its largest HIFZUL QUR'AN School in Texas. Since its establishment it has produced 65 huffaz and has taught hundreds of kids to read and understand the Quran.

The main mosque building is the prayer hall, which can accommodate more than 800 people, with a facility for Muslim women to pray. It has the administration unit, classrooms, library and a book store. Madrasah Islamiah is very active in organizing religious talks, Islamic knowledge classes and other religious activities.

Madrasah Islamiah    6665 Bintliff,  Houston, TX  77074     (713) 772 - 7000
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